About Me


I am Sarah Wilson, a Licensed Professional Counselor working in Portland, Oregon. I graduated with a specialization in Marital, Couple and Family Therapy from Portland State University. I use a variety of treatment interventions but work mostly from an attachment and trauma-informed approach.

When I started as a new therapist, I remember finding it difficult to find good intervention ideas online focused that focused less on behavioral modification and more on building rapport with children and helping them express themselves in a natural way. I created this blog with hope that some of the ideas I have compiled will be of use to new and experienced therapist. It is possible with some mindful adaptations, some of these activities may be modified to teach social and emotional concepts to children in school or home settings. Remember to practice with care, as some of these interventions may not be appropriate for all children and have the potential to trigger unresolved trauma. When in doubt, attune to the needs of your children and families and listen to what they are ready for.

Good Luck!


Sarah Wilson, MS, LPC



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Cindy Mlinar says:

    I was a school counselor for many years and am now working in community mental health where I often after a year feel overwhelmed . I want to thank you for being so willing to share your ideas which are really awesome!

  2. Sarah Wilson says:

    Hi Cindy,
    I’m so glad you found these ideas helpful! I know how hard that work can be, Good luck and keep up your hard work and dedication!

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