Mandala Coloring

Children and Teens can exIMG_0399press themselves in various ways using this Mandala Coloring activity. Use it to teach boundaries, or tell a story, or simply as a way to manage anxiety and stress. 

1. Have child or teen (or adult, for that matter), color in a Mandala. I call them “Magic Circles” for younger kids. Let them know that you will give them plenty of time to color, and then you will ask them questions that they will need to use their imagination to answer afterwards.

2. Use your insight about the child and what they are working on to inform the questions that you ask. For some kids, it may be more appropriate not to ask questions. Here are some of the questions I like to ask:

  • What is your favorite part of the mandala?
  • What is your least favorite part?
  • If you could jump into the picture, what part would you jump into and what would it be like there?
  • Who would you invite to come with you?
  • Is there any part you wouldn’t want to visit? why? What would it be like there?
  • Can you tell me a story about you and your mandala?
  • What if the colors represented different feelings, what feelings would those be?
  • Who would you not want to invite into your mandala?
  • What was it like to color this mandala?
  • What was it like to tell me about your mandala?
  • Is this something you would like to do again? How did coloring help you with ___?
  • Did anything surprise you as you colored this, or answered questions?




One thought on “Mandala Coloring

  1. claire says:

    Love your posts – all such great ideas. I can totally relate about there not being a whole lot of non-behavior modification interventions out there. I hope you’ll keep updating! 🙂

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